I am an Australian physicist and chemist who has a tendency to dabble in all sorts of hobbies that don’t have anything to do with my career.

As a country kid who had to make the move to the big city for university and job opportunities, my frustration with city life and the trials of scientific research often result in me pursuing more creative outlets like photography, calligraphy, jewellery and the like.

However, I’ve never gone past absolute novice in any of the avenues I’ve pursued. Life tends to encroach again, and sentences like “I’d love to have a go at making a ring,” or “I wonder what this camera setting really does” get swallowed by “I better finish these calculations”.

I’ve made this blog for two reasons. The first is to encourage me to properly pursue some of these hobbies by writing about it. The second is so that other people who feel similarly can follow along with me as I explore. I’ll be approaching everything I do as a complete beginner, and so I will make mistakes, I will have misunderstandings, I’ll generally be terrible at whatever I try. But by writing about these, I’ll hopefully provide both a relatable and informative resource for others who are in the same boat.

Let’s get stuck in.