Photography – Introduction

I’ve always enjoyed amateur photography, with fond childhood memories of disposable cameras and my dad’s much prettier SLR, taking rolls of film to the shops to get them developed and going through the pouches of photos that you would get back.

My parents bought me my first camera in the last couple of years of high school, and it was a little Fujifilm point and shoot digital camera that took great photos, and it got a lot of use. It even had a waterproof case that came with it, that made for good underwater shots, though I was generally speaking too nervous to use it in case there was a leak I didn’t notice until too late.

In preparation for a trip to Europe, my mum bought herself a really nice Sony RX-100 right after they hit the market, and this marked the beginning of me starting to understand things like shutter speed, ISO, aperture size etc.


Because of our joint love for the camera, we ended up spending the entire holiday swapping the camera back and forth between us, which made for the occasional clash when we both wanted to capture the same shot. But the gorgeous shots that it took really captured me, and a year later I received an RX-100 as a birthday present (perhaps to stop me from constantly coveting my mum’s). This is still the camera I use today, because of it’s convenient portability, incredible photo quality and wide range of customisable features.

2014 Territory Day Celebrations, Darwin, Australia – 10.4 mm, f/4.5, 4 sec, ISO 80


I don’t know anywhere near enough about photography to warrant buying an expensive DSLR and lens and the various accouterments, especially since it’s a hobby not a career for me. I am guilty of perhaps relying on the auto settings on my camera a bit too much, and when I do manually change settings it’s only with the most basic understanding of what they do. So that’s what I’m setting out to do; learn what my camera is capable of, learn how to use it properly, and total beginners or seasoned photographers and everything in between are welcome to join me.


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  1. Nice post how you came to photography. Enjoy learning to master your camera!


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